Activities and trekking around the gîte

OrriA hike often ends in the natural hot water of the outdoor bath of Dorres. While you are watching the sunset over the mountains, the soothing action of sulphurous water deletes your aches. This preserved resort offers the visitor peace and serenity.

On the way to Saillagouse, the Baths of Llo propose a more sophisticated formula (a bit more expensive), at the narrow entry of Gorges du Segre. Make your choice between either inner or outer pool.

At a 20 minutes drive towards Fontpédrouse, the Baths of St. Thomas also have a pool in the open-air. The outdoor pool with thermal water at 38 °C is overhung by a rocky amphitheatre and supplemented by a paddling pool for children.

Go to Belloc chapel (1 hour walk from the village) to discover a panoramic view over Cerdanya, from mount Canigou to Sierra del Cadí or go on walking till the dolmen of Brangoly village and its Béna and Fanès hamlets.

For an eventful day, walk the valley of Angoustrine river up to Bouillouses dam and have a tour of Pradeille, Noir and Long lakes. Enjoy the sight of trouts basking in the sun near the water bank. Straight towards Col Rouge, climb to Mata Negra Forest, picking up mushrooms. All the way long, you will be rewarded for your effort by sumptuous scenery of the mountains.

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