Dorres, the village of the stonecutters in Cerdanya

View of the village of Dorres Famous for its Roman Baths, Dorres is a holiday resort where you can discover a preserved nature under a generous sun in any season. Menhirs, dolmens, orris testify that men occupied the place since prehistoric times. It is particularly pleasant to live in this superbly sheltered village on the south side of the mountain.
The forest is close to the village, mixing birches, conifers and alders. Easy footpaths to more difficult one are spoilt for choice..

. This so nicely complete a soothing rest.

The climate of Cerdanya provides an incomparable well-being and helps curing stress and allergies. Throughout the year, an exposure to sunshine promotes the fight against seasonal depression. In addition to the calm of the mountains enjoy an outdoor bath in the sulphurous thermal water with view over the mountains.
An inexhaustible choice of activities can be found in tourist offices concerning local culture, folklore and sports.

The village of stonecutters offers a museum which tells the story of a vanished profession which made his reputation at the beginning of the 20th century. Activities (inquire at the tourist offices).
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